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Mobilon Film
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Mobilon Film made of thermoplastic polyurethane by producing the T-dies extrusion, which is representative film of Ether Type 78 hardness. (JIA A)


  • Superior to softness and elasticity.
  • Strong tensile and tear strength against mechanical power.
  • Superior to worn-down proof.
  • Superior to property of low temperature.
  • Superior to water resistance.
  • Superior to well moisture penetration.
  • Comforted to the food sanitation low.

Main Application

  • Elasticity materials use
  • Medical materials use
  • Slide proof materials use
  • Seal and masking materials use
  • Fishing equipment and miscellaneous use


Appearance   Semitransparent as a frosted glass
Form   Rolled by 3 inch paper tube with separator
Thickness   30 ~ 500
Packing Form   Export carton box. (Inner hanging system)


We accept the requirement for color development, special specification(Thickness, Length per roll, Width) and hot- melt film (Heat melting film)application besides.




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